[Can you eat dates in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat dates in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat dates in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

Jujube has the effect of activating blood and nourishing blood, and also has certain beauty functions.

Therefore, for girls, eating more dates is very beneficial to physical health.

And during the period of the girl’s aunt, eating more red dates is of great benefit to the body, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay special attention to diet, and should eat some dates to supplement blood, so pregnant women can eat bigJujube?

Eating a certain food in the early stages of pregnancy can help to stabilize the pregnancy. The food you eat every day, in addition to maintaining your body’s metabolism and consumption of nutrients, must also supplement all the nutrients necessary for growth and development, and provide nutrition to the baby after birth.Get ready for rich milk.

Therefore, the balance of nutrition has a close relationship with eugenics.

Therefore, early pregnancy should eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, whole wheat foods and so on.

In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus grows slowly, increasing by about 1 gram per day. Your food intake is basically the same as before pregnancy. Due to the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and high stomach acid, you should pay attention to eating easily and less greasy.Nutritious food.

Early pregnancy is important and you must add folic acid.

It is best to drink two cups of pregnant woman formula every day. There is nothing particularly contraindicated. You can eat whatever you want, but some foods cannot be eaten, which will cause miscarriage.

For example, crabs, lychees, longan, papaya, etc. Do not eat too spicy, it is not good for babies.

Pregnant women are susceptible to colds, so you can eat nutritional supplements.

Diet Taboos in Early Pregnancy 1, Fruit Selection: Eating more fruits has great benefits for brain development.

In the process of protein growth and development, cells continue to grow and divide, requiring a large amount of transfer and protein, but each step of synthesizing cells requires a large number of natural organic compounds to facilitate.

This special substance with a catalytic effect is a vitamin.

Although vitamins are abundant in meat, grain and vegetables, most of them are destroyed during peeling, fine grinding, and cooking.

However, the fruit can be eaten raw after washing, avoiding the reality that most of the vitamin is lost due to heating.

Eat more fruits without vitamin deficiencies in the body, such as citrus, apple, pear, grape, watermelon, bayberry, pineapple, grapefruit . 2, millet and corn: per 100 grams of millet and corn protein, trace amounts, calcium, caroteneThe content of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 is all rice and flour can’t match. Nutritionists research has indicated that millet and corn are beneficial staple foods for brain and brain.

3. Quail: The medicinal value of quail is very significant. According to “Therapeutic Materia Medica”: “Eating this food can make people smart.

4. Seafood: It can provide the human body with calcium, iodine, iron and other inorganic salts and trace elements that are easily absorbed and used. It has extremely high effects on brain growth, development, health and complications of neurasthenia.

Seaweed can be used to cook soups with various ingredients, while seaweed can be baked, fried, boiled, and cooked with various meats and vegetables at the same time.

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